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We are so proud of our Meraki Create classes for 4–8-year-olds, and after working for many years in mainstream primary education I whole heartedly believe these classes are something very unique, special, and everything I wanted them to be.   As each student arrives in the room their space is laid out with exciting materials, cut-outs and paint. We want each student to feel special as they enter our world and understand that they are going to be doing something worthwhile; worth doing, worth talking about and worth sharing with others .

The art room should be magical, a place of imagination and stories.  The true magic of Meraki Create lies in its ability to turn imagination into tangible art.   Our young artists witness their ideas evolving from mere concepts to actual artworks they can hold, share, and be proud of. This fuels their passion for creativity and motivates them to continue exploring and growing as artists.

Here are some of the wonderful things that makes these classes so special.

1.      One thing that sets our Meraki Create classes apart is that we offer guidance that helps children channel their creativity effectively. The professional artists who lead these classes gently guide the young artists through various techniques, helping them to develop their skills while staying true to their unique artistic voice by giving them freedom and choice. This balance between guidance and freedom creates an environment where creativity flourishes without limitations.

2.      As the children see their ideas take shape in front of them their confidence soars, each creation is celebrated nurturing a sense of accomplishment and self-assurance in each little artist.  This supportive atmosphere empowers the students to believe in their ideas and abilities.

3.      In every lesson we teach several techniques and introduce a variety new medium for young artists to explore. From watercolours and printing to collage and clay, children experiment with various tools and materials. This hands-on exploration not only enhances their artistic skills but also broadens their understanding of the diverse world of art, encouraging them to think outside the box and what could be possible.

4.      We create little stories and narratives around what is happening in our pictures, so the students can form their own narrative and create meaning in their work.  They will proudly spend some time at the end of each lesson explain to us what is happening in their artworks – and we always love hearing about all their wonderful ideas.  

Through this blend of artistic guidance, imaginative exploration, and gentle guidance, Meraki Create empowers children to believe in themselves and in the magic of their own creativity.

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